Food Manufacturing

Healthy Foods with taste
and elaboration of a mother and know-how of a chef

OURHOME desires to provide the healthy food culture and happy table to customers. The taste made in a mother and know-how of 127 chefs allow to provide leads simple and fine foods with the best taste.

OURHOME operates serveral food processing brands including “OURHOME”, the premium food brand, and “Haengbokhan Matnam”. It provides various products including not only instant Jjigae (stew) and tang (soup) but also chilled hams, fish cakes, noodles, seasoned laver s, sauces, tofus, bakery, snacks, rice cakes, smoked salmons, and traditional foods.

  • 글루텐프리 제품류 이미지

    Gluten Free Products

  • 가정편의식 제품류 이미지

    HMR (Home Meal Replacement)

  • 냉동조리식품 제품류 이미지

    Frozen Prepared Foods

  • 김치/반찬류 제품류 이미지

    Kimchi/Side Dishes

  • 육가공 제품류 이미지

    Processed Meat

  • 죽류 제품류 이미지


In particular, OURHOME does its best to produce safe and fresh products based on the food R&D systems and the advanced food safety systems such as the Total Food Safety Solution, and becomes one of the Korea’s representative food company through continuous business enhancement.